The Renaissance and The Washington


Location:  Chicago’s Woodlawn Park neighborhood

Client:  Preservation of Affordable Housing (“POAH”)

Size and Use:  $15M renovation including 219 apartments located in 13 buildings

Background:  POAH hired CRA, in conjunction with Ascendance Partners in 2012-13, to serve as the owner’s representative to renovate the multi-family communities. The renovation was part of a larger effort of POAH to invest and transform the Woodlawn Park neighborhood.

Scope:  CRA managed the project team including the architect, engineers, inspecting architect, attorneys and general contractor to implement the following scope:

  • Upgrade the apartment finishes in the kitchens, bathrooms and living areas
  • Update all common areas including building entries, hallways, stairwells and exterior doors
  • Extensive roof and masonry repairs
  • Install a central air system
  • Install solar panel systems
  • Remediate lead paint
  • Renovate all porch and exterior stair areas
  • Upgrade electrical service
  • New security systems